7th November 2018 - SESCA Insolvency Conference

17th October 2018 - Newsletter - Charities and Insolvency

6th October 2017 - SESCA Insolvency Conference
Personal Insolvency Legal Update

7th September 2017 - Newsletter Exoneration - Developments from the Court of appeal

7th September 2017 - Newsletter Contingent Claims

2nd December 2016 - Newsletter
Recent changes in insolvency litigation
Hidden Hazards of helping a law firm in trouble
Protecting the bankruptcy estate
The spiralling costs of bankruptcy

7th October 2016 - Sesca Conference Personal Insolvency

11th November 2015 - Recent changes in Insolvency Law
Presentation to Solicitors on changes in Insolvency Legislation

9th October 2015 - SESCA Insolvency Conference
Corporate Legal Update

19th March 2015 - Seminar - Annulments & Exoneration
Seminar for Insolvency Practitioners

10th October 2014 - SESCA Insolvency Conference
Insolvency Legal Update

15th January 2013 - Effective bankruptcy investigations
Seminar for Trustees in bankruptcy

6th July 2012 - SESCA Insolvency conference
Legal update -personal insolvency

28th March 2012 - Insolvency bulletin no 6
Administration expenses after Nortel
Insolvency bulletin no 6 Administration expenses after Nortel

27th September 2011 - National insolvency training conference
Speaker on annulment of bankruptcy orders

1st September 2011 - Insolvency bulletin no 5 Jones v Kernott
Insolvency bulletin no 5 Jones v Kernott

8th July 2011 - SESCA Insolvency conference
presentation of personal insolvency legal update

21st April 2011 - Insolvency bulletin
Read the latest edition of firms insolvency bulletin.

2nd July 2010 - Corporate insolvency update
Firm presents legal update at insolvency conference

7th April 2010 - Insolvency bulletin
Read the April edition of firm's insolvency bulletin here.
Solicitors and Insolvency PDF

1st March 2010 - Chambers legal ranking 2010
Julian Dobson recognised as a leading individual in insolvency.

14th October 2009 - Solicitors and insolvency
Julian Dobson presents a seminar on solicitors and insolvency.

25th September 2009 - SESCA insolvency conference
Julian Dobson presents insolvency legal update.

12th May 2009 - Newsletter
Summer issue of insolvency newsletter.
Click here to download the PDF JulianDobson_Newsletter_No3_e

8th August 2008 - Corporate insolvency legal update
Firm publishes corporate insolvency legal update for 2008.

11th July 2008 - SESCA insolvency conference
Firm presents corporate legal update.

1st March 2008 - Chambers legal ranking 2008
Firm recognised as a leading firm for insolvency in the south east.

15th January 2008 - Re Pritchard (a bankrupt) [2007] BPIR 1385 ChD
Decision reported in case where firm acts for successful trustee.

7th January 2008 - Exceptional circumstances
Firm issues guidelines on exceptional circumstances and the matrimonial home.

26th October 2007 - Bankruptcy legal update seminar
Seminar for insolvency practitioners.

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